B2B Marketers Embrace Custom Content

by Britton Manasco | Jun 05, 2008 | Content Strategy

Custom content is an increasingly critical aspect of the B2B
marketer’s portfolio, according to a new study by Junta42 and B2B Magazine. In order to strengthen their
positioning and generate more leads, marketers are investing more actively than
ever before in white papers, case studies, email newsletters, blogs and custom

The study surveyed 150 marketing decision makers earlier this
spring. It asked them, among other things, to share the percentage of their
marketing budgets that currently go toward
custom content/publishing, and to
identify whether that was an increase or decrease from previous years.

According to the research, B2B
marketers will spend 29.4% of their total mark
g budget for 2008 on custom
content. For 42% of them, this was an increase from 2007
. Only 12% of them
decreased the amount they will spend on custom content generation (while the rest
will stay even).

What does it mean? That marketers are now relying on custom

content to cut through the market noise, build credibility and position themselves
as thought leaders.

What does it mean for you?

Well, you might be in one of
the companies out in front of this trend. In this case, your company is
investing in content development that is both provocative and relevant to your
targeted customers. If you’re behind the curve in this regard, it means that
you’re missing out on sales opportunities (and better conversion rates). You
are missing a clear opportunity to differentiate in a crowded market.

Interestingly, custom content and other forms of thought
leadership tend to represent a relatively cost effective means of achieving
market differentiation. Smaller firms can level the playing field with their larger rivals. Market leaders can deepen their strengths as a brand of choice

Today’s customers are not just seeking products and
services. They are seeking guidance and authority. If they are going to make a
high stakes investment, they want confidence that their solution provider can
deliver measurable business value and has a strong sense of what is coming
next. Custom content is a growing aspect of the market mix because it fills
this deeply felt need.