E-Book: Putting a Sales Playbook Program at the Heart of Sales Enablement

by VisibleImpact | Jan 20, 2016 | Sales Enablement

As a sales leader, you’re challenged to win more business and produce predictable results – even as you increase sales efficiency. You have to accelerate ramp times for new recruits, develop your existing talent, and retain high performers.

With prospePlaybook E-Book Coverctive customers more demanding and difficult to acquire than ever, companies like yours are actively investing in sales enablement initiatives. One asset in the sales enablement mix that’s getting a lot of attention is the sales playbook.

But there’s more here than you’d initially imagine. While some sales organizations have treated the playbook as a mere tool or document, the most successful ones recognize its potential as a transformative and performance-driving force.

By recognizing the essential factors of a successful playbook program and then smartly partnering to execute it, you can strengthen the capabilities of your selling team and reinforce the skills needed for sustained growth.

With a successful program, you can:

  • Make sales conversations matter
  • Clarify and reinforce your selling process
  • Develop and retain high performers

You’ll enable front line sales professionals and managers to achieve a sense of mastery in their chosen craft. And that’s the single biggest driver of motivation you can deliver.

Download your complimentary copy of our new e-book to learn how top performing sales organizations have achieved these results.