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Dec 11. 2019

E-book Excerpt: Product Marketing Imperiled

Senior decision-makers say they are disappointed by 85% of their sales conversations.1

author: Visible Impact

Oct 07. 2019

It’s the Quiet Ones You Always Have to Watch Out for . . .

We may have been quiet for a while here on the Visible Impact blog, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. In fact, in addition to helping our clients find their story and make it matter, we’ve been working on a bit of a side hustle. We salute all our past ...

author: VisibleImpact

Jun 03. 2018

Designing Your Story to Make It Memorable – and Move Deals Forward

Designing Your Story to Make it Memorable – and Move Deals Forward Challenge the status quo thinking with new insights and a relatable story around a business problem to truly engage your customer  

author: M Lee Sellers

Mar 19. 2018

How to Ensure Your Product Marketing Messages and Designs Resonate with Your Targeted Audiences

As a marketer responsible for products and solutions, you are confronted with a constant demand to produce new assets that will support marketing campaigns, sales enablement and customer ...

author: M Lee Sellers

Mar 19. 2018

Bringing a Full Spectrum of Voices into the Stories You Share with Customers

Too often, marketers struggle to produce messages and content that are carried forward by the rest of the organization. It’s like there’s a schism between the marketers trying to generate qualified leads ...

author: Britton Manasco