Defend Sales Enablement as if Your Life Depends on It

As a sales enablement professional, you may be feeling pressure to prove your value to the organization. While it’s not as serious as defending your life, it can certainly feel like you’re on trial.

What’s Wrong with Today’s Sales Content and Conversations?

  In the classic film “Glengarry Glen Ross,” an anxious salesman played by Jack Lemon defends his dismal performance by claiming “the leads are weak.”

Want Predictable Growth? Invest in Front Office Fusion

This article is adapted from the book Next Era Selling: 5 Strategies to Make Your Business Unstoppable (Now + Next, 2016) by Britton Manasco and Anneke Seley. 

New Book: Next Era Selling

Exploding the Myth of the 57%

There's a statistic that's seemingly found its way onto every marketing consultant's lips these days. It goes something like this: 57% of purchasing decisions are already complete before a customer ...

Have You Made the Empathic Shift?

by VisibleImpact | Sep 01, 2014 | Sales Messaging

Sometimes it's tough to get out of your own head. And that makes it hard to have an effective sales conversation. You can get mired in familiar messages and discussion points, endlessly making a case ...

Messaging on a Wide Sargasso Sea

In the Age of Discovery, daring navigators led expeditions to the New World, opened up new trade routes with Asia, and even circumnavigated the globe. But wild stories could still spread fear and ...

Surmount the Trust Barrier with Executive Briefings

Trust is essential to successful selling, particularly when the stakes are high.

Targeting and Enabling Your Decision Advocate

It's often suggested that what you want to do is identify all the personas of all your potential buyers and create messaging that addresses their individual needs. But the reality is that your ...

Going Meta: Why Your Buyer Needs a New Perspective

by Britton Manasco | Jan 15, 2014 | Sales Messaging

The world is forever conspiring against the revenue optimist.